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Larissa Nowicki: INSOMNIA
extended through January 3

closing Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve at 3 pm
closed on Christmas and New Year’s Day

Everything is quiet.  At some point, one by one, the lights of the city went out. Unnoticed, the night noises ended and the music died.  The only sound left in the artist’s studio is the quiet, almost hypnotic rhythm of a small metal weaving tool, marking time through the early hours of a new day.  Energized, inspired, the artist will not sleep until morning. 

Larissa Nowicki’s sculptures and weavings are made of the pages of books, with and without words or images. Her artistic roots are as a designer of art books, and the pages of those books have always been her medium.  They are shredded, intricately hand woven, and then manipulated and enhanced.  With their loosely assembled grids and reductive forms, Nowicki’s works invoke the vocabulary of minimalism but originate from her personal and emotional experiences. 

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